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Our Teams

Here at Sage, we’re proud to have a diverse range of people with different skills and specialties. Everybody here has a job to do, and every single Sagean plays a hugely important role in our mission.

Take a closer look at our talented teams.

Meet Our Teams

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At Sage, we believe we see possibilities where others do not and are working to find potential ways to treat people with brain health disorders. Our Commercial department covers a wide range of specialties and functions including Marketing, Sales, Patient Support, Market Access, and more.​​​​​​​

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External Affairs

Our External Affairs team covers a broad range of functions, including Government Affairs, Corporate Communications, and Patient Advocacy. We are dedicated to improving lives, and the way we interact and communicate with those outside of Sage is crucial to our success.

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General & Administrative

Our General and Administrative department is at the very heart of the work we do at Sage – keeping everything running as it should and allowing us to carry out the important work we do more effectively. Departments include Business Operations, Digital & Enterprise Capabilities, People & Experience, Finance, Legal, Compliance, Program Management, Investor Relations, and more.

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Research & Development

Research and Development is a key part of our journey of scientific discovery at Sage. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries to develop new medicines and to make the key breakthroughs that help us find potential ways to treat people with brain health disorders. Departments include Clinical Operations, Data Science, Discovery Management,  Regulatory, Drug Safety Pharmacovigilance, and more.

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Technical Operations

The Technical Operations team at Sage plays a vital role at every point of the product lifecycle. They are responsible for the process design as well as the end-to-end manufacturing, supply, and quality oversight of the final medicine that is delivered to patients. Teams include Quality, Process and Analytical Development, Drug Product Manufacturing, and Supply Chain Management.

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