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Here at Sage, we know that life is a journey.

With that in mind, our workers are proud to be paving the way for a future generation of bright minds. Have a listen to what some of their very own kids have to say about their parents' jobs here!

Bring Your Kid To Work Day - Scientists


Find out what our #FutureSageans love about science and how scientists can change the world in this video from Sage’s Bring Your Kids To Work Day.

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Bring Your Kid To Work Day - Experiments


Find out about all of the cool experiments our #FutureSageans conducted in this video from Sage’s Bring Your Kids To Work Day.

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Our #FutureSageans

Audrey and Megan

Here’s Audrey and Megan talking about "when something blows up."

Tej and Anoushka

Anoushka wants to be a rocket scientist and Tej just wants to do big experiments in this video.


Izzy tells us how science can change the world.

Sadie and Mackenzie

Sadie and Mackenzie love the big bubble they made out of dry ice. You’ll love it too – watch the video!

Eve and Violet

Eve and Violet got to make superballs and slime in one of their experiments, and they loved every minute.

Jayla and Teddy

Hear from our latest DNA-extractor, Jayla, about the fruit experiment she conducted with Teddy on Sage’s Bring Your Kids To Work Day.

Chidvilas and Eashan

Blue Volcanos and Elephant Toothpaste are just some of the highlights that Chidvilas and Eashan share in this video.

Zoe, Allegra, Hayden, and Avery

Hear how Zoe, Allegra, Hayden and Avery explain what scientists do.

Joshua and Sreejan

Future DNA-extractors, Joshua and Sreejan, talk about the importance of science and the cool things they learned at Sage’s Bring Your Kids To Work Day.

Kayleigh and Brandon

We love Kayleigh and Brandon’s insights. "Science is awesome!" "Never give up even if it fails."

Siena and Griffin

Siena and Griffin enjoyed their second annual Bring Your Kids To Work Day at Sage. Siena tells us her mom "brings home the bacon" and Griffin shows us what scientists wear.

Weston and Scarlett

Scarlett and Weston tell us all about their day doing "mad" science experiments at Sage.

Will and Kalyna

Watch Will and Kalyna tell about all of the cool science experiments they did at Sage’s Bring Your Kids To Work Day.

Micah and Huxley

"Every time I come here, I learn something new." Find out what Micah and Huxley learned this year at Sage.

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