It's your journey. Enjoy it!
It's important that everyone has the flexibility to work in the best way for them. It's our way of creating the best employee experience possible.

That's why when you join Sage, you'll choose your own unique path. Whether you want to work onsite, remotely, or a mix of both, you will enjoy the journey and have everything you need to do your best work.

For those in the office, we are designing our office space with zones that will work for a variety of needs, allowing for team engagements, areas for heatlh and well-being, and areas for quiet, focused work. You can choose the space that is right for you.
Whatever your path looks like, we're all traveling in the same direction. We are working together to make medicines that matter so people can get better, sooner.
Sage is an environment built on trust and responsibility where everyone is valued and gets access to opportunities and benefits no matter where they choose to work.  Our future of work model reflects this belief—we call it SageFlex.  The concept is that the office is where you are.  You can work remotely, in the office, or a combination of both. That can change as often as you want.  It is all about flexibility for all Sageans! 

We shape our own pathways, managing time and tasks in a way that puts people first and delivers exceptional results. It’s fundamental to meeting and exceeding our ambitious business goals. 
SageFlex is about more than just managing our own hours (although that’s definitely a feature!). SageFlex offers all kinds of support across mental, physical, and emotional health. After all, if we’re bringing our whole selves to work, we have to take care of each and every part.
Creating the future of work
If you choose to work in one of our offices for four or more days per week, you’ll get an assigned desk. You’ll be surrounded by fellow Sageans doing incredible work, and there’s plenty of flexibility in how you work and how you socialize.

If you choose to work in the office less than four days per week, you will still have access to the office whenever you desire. We want you to have the ability to harmonize your work life with your home life and balance the needs of both. You can come in as you choose, and you can reserve a space to work in one of our six different zones that will enable the type of work you need to do.
​​​​​​​NOTE: There are a handful of roles, such as Facilities, that need to be on-site and therefore will be mandatory office-based positions. In addition, our Field-based roles (see bottom of page) are also located in specific geographic areas. These will be clearly noted in the job descriptions.

The principles and plans behind SageFlex.

There are a few key principles and plans behind how we will bring SageFlex to life.
The office is where you are. We'll measure success by results and what you accomplish, not where you accomplish it.
From temporary benefits to support Sageans through the pandemic, to long-term ways of making life better, we explore approaches that help everybody carve the path that suits them to enable their best, most purposeful work. And as the world changes, we change, too!
The Office is a Magnet (Not a Mandate)
We want to build an incredible office experience that people enjoy but doesn’t isolate those who cannot or do not wish to come in. Our goal is to collaborate, connect and build relationships.
Communicate, Communicate, Communicate
We will be deliberate in our communication and continually look for new ways to share ideas and information. We have established ways of working to support our SageFlex model.
Collaboration and Connection
We all work east coast hours, so even though we’re not always under the same roof, whichever journey you choose, we’re right there with you. Our strong online communities and drop-in Zoom sessions mean support is never more than a click away. We get together for in-person team/company meetings three times a year. It’s a culture of collaboration where we learn from each other every day.

Our Offices

We have two office locations:
US - Cambridge, Massachusetts

US - Cambridge, Massachusetts

Our headquarters are located in innovative Kendall Square, a hub of activty of Sageans which includes both remote and in-office employees doing incredibly meaningful and impactful work.

US - Raleigh, North Carolina

US - Raleigh, North Carolina

Our Patient Support Office is located at the innovative Research Triangle Park. This team, which includes both remote and in-office employees, directly supports our work with patients, physicians, and caregivers. They are crucial liaisons to these important groups.

Field-based Locations

Our field-based locations are slightly different from SageFlex. Due to territory needs and proximity to customers, these positions are based in specific areas around the country. They allow Sageans close vicinity to healthcare practices, key accounts, hospitals and more.
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