A Look Inside Sage

Take a look inside our world here at Sage and discover our day-to-day journeys, challenges and celebrations. Our posts here and on social media are a great way to pull back the curtain on our culture and show how we do things with a difference here. Take a look yourself!

Sage celebrates Diwali - the fesival of lights!

Sage hosted our first Diwali celebration which is the five-day festival of lights celebrated in India and across the world! Sage celebrated by having traditional food and a very popular henna station. 
Career Days
September 2019

Career Development Week at Sage

In the second week of September, we held our third annual Career Development Week, where we brought together speakers from all different backgrounds and expertise, both within and outside of Sage. It was an incredible success with 3 career stories and 10 workshops!
Cradles to Crayons
August 2019

Sage Gives Back

For the second year, Sageans in Cambridge had the opportunity to donate and volunteer at Cradles to Crayons - an organization that provides children living in homeless or low-income situations with essential items they need to thrive at home, at school, and at play. #ThisIsSage #CradlesToCrayons #DoBig #PutPeopleFirst
New Branding for Sage
July 2019
A World of Difference
Our brand underpins and guides the way Sage shows up in the world. From our website to our offices and beyond, everything we touch is united through our brand, bringing to life our mission to make medicines that matter, so people can get better, sooner.  #ThisIsSage
Ribbon cutting
June 2019

Sage Central

A big thank you to all the advocates and leaders who joined us at our official ribbon cutting and opening of Sage Central, our national patient support program providing resources for moms and families affected by postpartum depression. #PPD #ThisIsSage
May 2019

Battle of the Bands

Sage is proud to be a sponsor of the Battle of the Biotech Bands! All proceeds go toward Joseph's Hope Scholarship Fund for the Epilepsy Foundation of New Enland! #DoBig #Biotech #ThisIsSage
Facilities Team
April 2019

Sage Superheros

We'd like to take a moment to thank our very own superhours on our Facilities team. #NationalSuperheroDay #PutPeopleFirst #ThisIsSage
Sagean Female Leaders
March 2019

Women in Leadership

Today we want to take moment to thank the wonderful women of our leadership team. The support you provide all Sageans is truly invaluable. #InternationalWomensDay #WomenInLeadership #PutPeopleFirst
Sageans Dressed Up

Flashback Friday

Sageans hopped into the DeLorean and showed off their best retro styles! #FlashbackFriday #ThisIsSage #WorkFun
January 2019

Community Involvement

Check out the many ways Sageans were keen to give back to the community in 2018. #GivingBack #Community #PutPeopleFirst #DoBig #ThisIsSage
Copy of LI - 600

600th Employee

Happy to announce that our 600th employee is a Therapeutic Business Specialist from Florida. Welcome, Nicki! #ThisIsSage #Employee600 #Growth #Commercial
November 2018
November 2018

Top Places to Work

Thank you to our employees and the @BostonGlobe for naming @sagebiotech one of the 2018 Top Places to Work! #ThisisSage #WorkBoston
October 2018

Employee #500

In just five months, Sage has grown from 300 employees to 500+ and counting! Welcome to our 500th employee and all who have joined us on our journey to treat CNS disorders! #DoBig #Recruiting #Growth  #WorkFun  #ThisIsSage
September 2018

Post-Partum Support Virginia

Thank you @postpartumsupportva for getting real about #PPD with us today. Hearing perspectives from you and other advocates is humbling and inspiring.
August 2018

Cradles to Crayons

Sageans spent the day sorting clothes at Cradles to Crayons, and weeks prior collecting donations for children in the Boston area. During our day on site, over 100 children were helped! #ThisIsSage #CradlesToCrayons #DoBig #PutPeopleFirst
July 2018

Employee #400

Three short months ago, we were so excited to welcome our 300th employee. Today we welcomed our 400th and have no plans of slowing down! #DoBig #Recruiting #WorkFun #ThisIsSage
June 2018


From our first team in 2012 to 2018’s team, Sage continues to value #community in our support for the #JPMCC. It was an excellent day for all who ran, and we’re looking forward to an even better turnout in #2019! #ThisIsSage #WorkFun
May 2018

Core Value Award

At Sage, Our Employees are the Stars, so it’s not surprising that a spontaneous paparazzi moment happened when we presented the winners of our Core Value Award at the most recent Town Hall meeting. #EmployeesAreTheStars #ThisIsSage
April 2018

The Blue Dot Project

We’re proud to support The Blue Dot Project, 2020 Mom and the #RealMotherhoodcampaign to raise awareness of maternal mental health.
March 2018

2018 Employee Appreciation Day

We wanted to thank all of our employees for their hard work and dedication on Employee Appreciation Day. We recognize that our success is a direct result of all the incredible contributions made by this team. This desk drop is a small token of our thanks to you and your family – enjoy a night out at the movies!
February 2018

Commit to get fit

The Olympics may be nearly over but Sage’s competition has just begun. Over the next 8 weeks Sageans are “Committed to Get Fit” by participating in small group fitness and personal training classes. Who will win gold?
January 2017

Sage Annual Holiday Party

Sage employees and guests celebrated another successful year with dancing and dining at a Boston hot-spot, Empire Restaurant & Lounge. Employees literally got red carpet treatment, as we added a fun new “step & repeat” to commemorate our great team and a fun-filled night!
December 2017

Annual Holiday Lunch & Yankee Swap

Every year we like to take some time to gather together, enjoy some nice food and swap some gifts. Because of our tremendous growth this year, we decided to do this at The Hotel Marlowe.
November 2017

Sage Wellness Weeks

Celebrating Wellness Weeks at Sage…desk drop mini-toothbrush, floss, lip balm (brrr…it’s getting cold in Cambridge) and mints.